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These days, there is a loud and noisy message stating that the leading WhatsApp media department has changed its security strategy and after one month it will share its customer information on Facebook. It was certainly a sweat based on the teeth of experienced adults that the message concludes that after this change all the messages sent on WhatsApp will be delivered as posted on Facebook.

It is truly amazing on the grounds that the sound of our house fights will be heard throughout the day, although we may never need to see people on Facebook because we were all mysterious.

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First of all, we understand that the seated WhatsApp should realize that the household items will be delivered from Sharif Sharifa on Facebook. At the time, website optimization predicted that it would follow the nature of the analyst, however, something similar would happen in the common conditions we have.

One is unlikely to realize that Facebook has been acquired by WhatsApp since 2014 and, without precedent, has developed a security strategy over the past four years. Most importantly, this change expresses that WhatsApp customer history information will be transferred to Facebook customers, and will be shared on Facebook.

In addition, Facebook claimed only Internet-based life management, but the Web Improvement Organization was claimed by some organizations. Promote this to inquire: What do Facebook customers like with our information? So they reply that it will help them to gradually get important ads on Facebook.How Computerized Display Facebook and WhatsApp WorksUnexpected promotion and improper use will be difficult to prevent.

That is, if you use WhatsApp just like Facebook, Facebook and kinship links will be increasingly relevant at this point. No more accurate description of the data will be transferred to the WhatsApp Facebook family, although your multi-use number and the last time you used WhatsApp will present this data. This way your Facebook experience will progressively apply.

Facebook fellowship tips will be more accurately identified with the phone volume of peers in your phone. Remember that before this year WhatsApp detected the end with the last encryption where your messages have been erased and you have access to the total photos, etc. from the WhatsApp server and no third person can see them, even WhatsApp itself. WhatsApp ensures that customer messages and photos, however, are private information and indicate that it is transmitted to anyone.

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