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MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is one of the most prestigious degrees in today’s time. Harvard University Graduate School of


Administration was the first university to introduce the MBA program in the year 1908. In today’s time people from various fields go for MBA as it helps them increase their marketability and also provides them with better future prospects.


London Business School is one of the top Business schools in the world for pursuing MBA. It was established in 1964 and is a public university. It is better than other B-schools because of a number of reasons. Some of which may include:

1) UNIQUE FORMAT – In London Business School the students can choose the duration of their MBA program depending on their personal preference. It can vary from 15 months to 21 months. Those who are looking for a full-time program but also wish to get back with their work fasters can opt for the 15 months program.

For those students who want to get their hands on internships and other international exposure, the 21 months program is the most appropriate one. Internships provide a great opportunity for exposure in the field especially for those people who were earlier working in a different field. This will also make their resume stand out from other MBA graduates.

2) HIGH-QUALITY CURRICULUM – London Business School is known for its high-quality curriculum. It provides a good amount of balance between projects, lectures, team work, case study. This ensures that the students have a good level of exposure in both practical as well as theoretical aspects of the course. LBS have a collaborative environment.

This can be seen in some of their classes in which 30 % of the annual grade of the student depends on their group work. London Business School expects the students to be able to communicate in any other language other than English. If the students want they can choose any other language as their electives.

3) DIVERSITY – London Business School provides a diverse environment as approximately 90% of their students are from different nationalities. This allows the students to get exposed to a variety of cultures and meet people coming from different parts of the world. It helps in developing their understanding of people and the world.

4) BEST LOCATION – One of the best things about London Business School is that it’s located in London. London is one of the leading cities in the world globally, it also has a rich culture and great nightlife. It is located near Regent Park, which is one of the most amazing and beautiful parks to visit in London.

The park offers various sports facilities, Zoo and an open theatre. Overall, the location of the college provides a great advantage to the students in various fields.

5) GREAT CAREER OPTIONS – Students studying at London Business School get great exposure and career opportunities as London is the financial hub and has one of the most dynamic businesses in the entire Europe. Many big companies and firms namely McKinsey, Bain, Goldman Sachs recruit students from this school. Many other big names including Amazon, Google, Facebook also recruit a good number of MBA graduates from London Business School.

A majority of MBA graduates are able to get into good companies (other than their previous companies) with great packages within a period of 3-6 months.

By now you have seen the grounds on which a person looking for an MBA should go for London Business School. But making into LBS is not easy, they have a rigorous selection procedure.


1)The total tuition fee for the MBA program in this year 2022 was £97500 in London Business School.

2) The students must have good marks in the GMAT exam or GRE exam. The minimum GMAT score that will be accepted will be around 600,

usually the average GMAT score was 708 for MBA 2023 admissions. GRE scores should also be equivalent to the average GMAT score required for admission.

3) Getting admission in London Business School for an MBA program requires you to have excellent professional references. You may be required to provide two references. The reference can be of any of your earlier employers, teachers or anybody who knows about your working abilities and strengths.

They may be asked to rate you on certain parameters as well as answer some questions about you.

4) Work experience of minimum 2 years is required to get admission in most of the business schools. In the case of those students who don’t have work experience, you can apply for a MIM degree which is a masters of management.

5) The selection procedure of London Business School requires the completion of an essay of around 500 words. The content of the essay plays a very important role in the admission process of the students, it’s very important that the students spend a considerable amount of time to write the essay.

General topic on which you may be asked to write an essay will include your plans after pursuing MBA and about your previous experience and how MBA can help you contribute towards your career. They may also ask you to write an optional essay on any other extra information that you wish to provide to the school or the admission committee.

6) Every candidate who has to get admission into London business school is required to clear the interview round. The interview is usually conducted by an Alumni or a senior admission staff and can be conducted in online or offline mode depending upon the availability of the student. The duration of the interview is usually one to two hours.

It provides the student with a good opportunity to showcase their personality other than what is already written in the resume. There is a possibility that somebody who has a GMAT score of around 650 can get admission with a good interview round and another person who has a GMAT score of 720 is getting rejected on the basis of the interview round. Hence the interview round is very important.

7) Students are required to have £200 for application fees as well as a one page CV ready.

8) Students who do not come from an English-speaking country or who do not have any studying experience in such a country for at least 2 years are required to submit other English related exams scores like CAE, PTE Academic Score, IELTS Cambridge CPE or TOEFL.

9) In case you are an international student who does not come from a European country then you have to apply for the student visa at least 3 months before the program starts.


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