How to Google AdSense Approval Problem Fix 2021

How to Google AdSense Approval Problem Fix 2021

Google Adsense Approval Problem Fix 2021 Your Site 2 Not Ready To Show ads. fix six provlem and aproval your adsens

Six Policy Update adSense Approval

1- Policy Violations

2- Under Constructions

3- Scraped Content

4- No Content

5- Covid-19

6- Code error

Policy Violations :

If you have received a copy of the Policy Violations, please report that you have entered a copywrite content that contains a video or image or that you have used an illegal keyword. The issue of Policy Violations. Galt qasm ky key word wagra Adsense posey ky khalf hain

If you want to remove any key word image video that has been moved without permission, go to the tab and get your approval.

Under Constructions

valuable inventory / Under Constructions

If you have an AdSense approval rejection or e-mail, you can install any theme or template on your WordPress or Blogger or customize it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

If you have used slides in your theme, then you can use the same tray set key or footer in 3 parts, but 2 main to data fil kr dia to 3sry part complete chor dia or any other masala theme setting. This is the only way to get the mail under constructions

I want to set my theme or template to be as simple as possible so that I can make the same mistakes in the slide footer part and in the site bar or in the homepage.

Scraped Content

valuable inventory / Scraped Content

If your content has been copied or pasted using google translate, then you have been approved. You should not use someone else’s artistic copy or translator or spinner but write your own article. Some sites say you have an idea, but don’t copy it

No Content

valuable inventory : No Content

If you have a mail or a mail, then as a post on your site, it means that you have to write a post or a post, or you have to write the first post, and the length of the post is 9000-1000 words in your post.


If you have any questions about Covid-19, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Someone gets approval very quickly or is very dependent on how many requests they have at the moment. If you are interested in email, click on the Request Review button. Click on it to get a quick approval.

Code error

If you have a code or email error that does not appear in the code, then you have to copy and paste the code. hoty wo thek try Copy the code to the theme or template in the header or past the code to make a double request to get the approval.

If you set up your site with your mail, INSHALLAH will be approved very soon. The Google AdSense Approval is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any product or service.

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